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Division 13 - judge Henry

As you are all aware, operations at the Wyandotte County Courthouse have changed significantly due to the global pandemic. It is anticipated that Jury Trials will resume the week of June 7. In preparation for this shift, the Criminal Docket and the Preliminary Hearing Docket will once again be handled through Division 13. In an effort to keep members of the bar updated on procedures, I wanted to share the following information:
-Criminal Docket will remain on Tuesday Mornings. 
All hearings will be set at 9:00 am, and the primary hearing mode for this docket will be via zoom for the time being. As such, you may anticipate spending time in the "waiting room" on zoom much as you would at an in-person docket. Docket is not a setting for any type of hearing other than scheduling.
-Docket cases may be continued prior to the Tuesday morning docket

         Angela Meyers, Division 13’s AA, will reach out to parties scheduled for the docket starting the Wednesday prior. If a new date for your case is scheduled prior to noon on Monday, no appearances will be necessary. If no date has been scheduled, you must appear via zoom. It will be vital that counsel respond timely to any communication from Ms. Meyers. Her email is and phone number is 913-573-2987.

-Defendant’s Appearance

         In Custody defendant’s will not be present via zoom or in person. Out of Custody Defendant’s will not be required to appear provided you can assure the Court that you have regular contact with your client, and they are not in violation of bond conditions. Attorneys are responsible for forwarding the zoom link to their client whenever client wants/needs to be on the zoom hearing.

If a defendant bonds out prior to a first appearance, they will need to appear in person for the court to conduct a first appearance. Other exceptions may apply and defendant’s appearance either in person or via zoom may be required by the Court at any time. Any pro se defendant that does not have an attorney and has already had their first appearance will be able to appear via zoom if they have given Ms. Meyers and email address for zoom.

-Preliminary Hearing Docket

         Prelim Dockets will resume on Thursdays at 9:00, 10:30 and 2:00. The cases will all be called in Division 13, and may also be sent to Division 11 or 12 for hearing. For the time being, the number of cases at each docket will be limited. We will continue to maintain social distancing requirements. Parties and witnesses may have to wait in the hallway for their case to be called if that is necessary to maintain social distancing. We will expect parties to use appropriate steps for the consideration and protection of others, including wearing masks appropriately, cleaning surfaces after themselves, and picking up their own trash.

As always, these procedures are subject to change as we adjust to our new “normal”. Thank you all for your patience and grace as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times.
Div 13 Prelim Docket begins Thursday 5/27, Criminal Docket begins June 1.
If you have any other questions you may contact Div 13 at 573-2987.

Judge Renee S. Henry
Division 13    


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