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juvenile Offender Court Services

**Please note this is Juvenile Court Services, not Community Corrections  Youth Services. You may contact that department at– 913-573-4179**

Juvenile Offender Court Services Officers (CSO) assist the district court in supporting community standards and safety by providing the professional services and resources needed to reduce offending behaviors and effect  positive social adjustment in juvenile offenders brought before the court.  

At the direction of the Juvenile Court judge, our Detention Alternative Services CSOs provide intensive community supervision in lieu of detention for some higher risk juveniles awaiting trial or a plea hearing.

Our Diversion Program CSOs screen first time offenders for diversion eligibility.  The officers provide program participants the supervision and guidance needed to successfully complete their court orders, allowing for the juvenile’s charges to be dismissed.

For those juveniles who have pled or been found guilty of an offense, our department will complete a risk/needs assessment  and a comprehensive presentence report to assist the court in sentencing the youth.  If a juvenile offender is granted standard probation, a CSO will provide supervision of the youth.  Successful completion of probation plan set out by the court requires regular meetings with their CSO.  It may also include random drug testing, community service, meeting educational requirements, and completion of recommended programming such as counseling, mentoring and employment services.

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