29th Judicial District Court Judges

 Robert Burns

Chief Judge - Division 1

Year Elected: 2004

Administrative Aide: Nancy Gilbert

Court Reporter: Arantes Luna


Timothy Dupree

Judge - Division 3

Year Elected: 2015

Administrative Aide: Anita Hughes

Court Reporter: Tamara Ross


Aaron Roberts

Judge - Division 5

Year Elected: 2013

Administrative Aide: Katlyn Lowe

Court Reporter: April Shepard


William Mahoney

Judge - Division 7

Year Elected: 2010

Administrative Aide: Joyce Borjas

Court Reporter: Paula Taylor


Jennifer Myers

Judge - Division 9

Year Elected: 2017

Administrative Aide: Ann Griffin

Court Reporter: Monica Zarate


Courtney Mikesic

Judge - Division 11

Year Elected: 2017

Administrative Aide: Jill Blondi

Court Reporter


Renee Henry

Judge - Division 13

Year Elected: 2017

Administrative Aide: Gayle Fulks

Court Reporter


Delia York

Judge - Division 15

Year Elected: 2013

Administrative Aide: April Belcher-Jackson

Court Reporter


Constance Alvey

Judge - Division 2

Year Elected: 2009

Administrative Aide: Sandra Sharp

Court Reporter: Sharon Cahill - Managing Court Reporter


Michael Russell

Judge - Division 4

Year Elected: 2012

Administrative Aide: Courtney Colson

Court Reporter: Christina Herndon


Bill Klapper

Judge - Division 6

Year Elected: 2013

Administrative Aide: Karen Coulter

Court Reporter: Rosemarie Vieth


Daniel Cahill

Judge - Division 8

Year Elected: 2007

Administrative Aide: Denise St James

Court Reporter: Amanda Lowe


Lynch Kathleen 29th JD.jpg

Kathleen Lynch

Judge - Division 10

Year Elected: 2006

Administrative Aide: Cristina Rockey

Court Reporter


Division Policies 

Tony Martinez

Judge - Division 12

Year Elected: 2019

Administrative Aide: Stephanie Kays

Court Reporter


Jane Wilson

Judge - Division 14

Year Elected: 2019

Administrative Aide: Julie Sachen

Court Reporter


Wesley Griffin

Judge - Division 16

Year Elected: 2008

Administrative Aide: Sherri Folsom

Court Reporter: Tina Hunt


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