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Contact Information:

Phone: (913) 573-8131

Hours: 8:00AM - 1:00PM

            1:00PM - 12:00PM

VETERANs treatment COURT

Mission Statement


The mission of the Wyandotte County Veterans Treatment Court is to help veterans in the judicial system build positive, constructive lives while still holding them accountable for their conduct. The Wyandotte County Veterans Treatment Court will accomplish this through offering treatment and services to address substance use and mental health issues, as well as other barriers to veterans leading law abiding, productive lives within our community. This will serve to reduce drug and alcohol abuse, lower recidivism rates, reduce financial impact on our community and promote public safety. This mission is in recognition of our veterans’ service to our Nation and for the sacrifices they have made for the freedom we enjoy as Americans.

The purpose of the Wyandotte County Veterans Treatment Court Program (VTC) is to provide a treatment-based alternative for Veterans from incarceration into supervised treatment and supportive services, amplifying public safety and reducing the reentry of offenders to the criminal justice system.  We offer both a diversion track, and a post-conviction track. Veterans Treatment Court is a partnership between the VA and Wyandotte County Courts to ensure each justice involved veteran has access to services from medical care and treatment for PTSD to housing and employment. Each Veteran participant is matched with a Veteran Mentor to be additional support.

The Veterans Treatment Court represents an innovative approach.  Two primary objectives are to enhance public safety and to ensure successful participation of the Veterans during their assigned case disposition.  The core premise of this Court is intervention and intensive treatment throughout the criminal process. For a great overview of how Veterans Treatment Courts work, we recommend you check out Treatment courts are justice reform - Justice For Vets.

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